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But if you're just looking for a bit of fun and a serious girlfriend is the farthest thing from your mind, Colombia is one of the best countries in Latin America.

The tough thing about Colombia that you won't have to deal with as much as in other countries is flakiness.Bogota is one of the best places to party in Latin America. Even smaller cities like Pereira and Manizales know how to rumba. Many local guys will take their drinking too far, but I was always impressed how I never saw girls falling down drunk like I would at home, or even in Mexico City.You'll get cocky tourists and Internet tough-guys claiming all sorts of things about Colombian girls. When everyone is talking about how great a place is, you don't want to be the one guy who says otherwise.And, although he might not readily admit it, girls are a big reason why he's going.A result of the influx of tourism to this country has resulted in a lot of mixed messages on the Internet regarding what to expect from women in this country.

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