Animal lover dating site

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For a lot of people, their companion animals are a huge part of their lives, which is why there are pet lover personals.These online dating sites allow individuals to meet other people that love their pets just as much.Now, there’s a new Brandon who is hoping to capture your heart.

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There is an option to either send a person of interest an email or simply to "wink" at him or her.Profile criteria includes an item asking if a person has or likes pets and the animal type.Animal types to choose from are dogs, cats, horses, birds and other.Like any good job ad (sorry, romance), prospective partners are presented with a list of ideal qualifications, but don’t worry – if you’re female and single, you’re already off to a ‘great start’. Your Aussie hubby is 24 years old and has tried ‘Tinder and other dating sites’ but is still looking for that special person to share his love of animals and who is keen to have one or two kids in five years.If you fit the bill and would like to fill in an application to be his new girlfriend (yes, really), you can do so directly through the website, sharing your contact details and a brief note on why you’d be a ‘suitable match’. Apparently, he’s shy to begin with, but will be cracking ‘inappropriate jokes’ in no time.

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