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2008: Later on in 2008, the couple get engaged, and before they’re even married, they start wearing wedding rings. He says, “From his seventh month to his 13th month, I saw him twice. Anna told me his first sentence was ‘Dada’s working.”’ Pause.

“I wonder how old he’s going to be when his sentence is ‘Dada needs to get a job.”’2015: Anna opens up for the first time about rumours of Chris’ infidelity.

After her graduation from the University Of Washington, she decided to pursue her dream of writing in London.

After filming few short films over there she decided to leave for Los Angeles.

She adored watching plays and inevitably created her own with all the neighborhood kids.But we were, I think, developing feelings for each other at the time, you know?The day that she told me she was leaving her husband, I knew that I was going to marry her."Anna and Ben split at the end of 2007, and are officially divorced in 2008. ’”2009: that he only sees Jack twice in six months."All I can say about that is, it’s all true, that we truly adore each other, and we love each other, I think it still comes through."2nd December 2017: Chris officially files for divorce from Anna, citing irreconcilable differences.reveals that Anna filed her response to the divorce at the same time, with both parents requesting joint custody of their five-year-old son Jack.Divorce documents list the date of split as 13th July, nearly a month before the couple publicly announced their split with a statement on 6th August.

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