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“I asked her out a lot,” he said, “but she wasn’t having it.” The pair managed to keep their romance secret until February when they finally admitted it. Because Robert Pattinson is supposed to be Edward Cullen. Theres really nothing quite like retelling a piece of juicy gossip and then having the girlfriends say Omg, I didnt know that! Pictures of them together had circulated through the internet and before we knew it, Rob was announcing himself as single. Sure enough, new photos with him and another girl were circulating through the net.Well, we all know how celebrity relationships go, anyway. There were even some rumors that claimed to see the two lip-locking on the Kings of Leon Concert. And pretty soon, people had found out that his new girlfriend is Anne Schoenberger (on the picture).Even her facebook page says that she is in a relationship, probably with Rob.

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She explains that at a conference for high school students, one girl was asked if she was a Mormon and answered "No, I dress normal! Schoenberger points out that this girl was ignorant and believed that Mormons and Mennonites were the same religion, and that all she knew about Mennonites were that they didn't dress 'normal'. go on myspace and see if she/he is there go on myspace and see if she/he is there go on myspace and see if she/he is there go on myspace and see if she/he is there go on myspace and see if she/he is there Myspace will send a conformation email to your email address that you entered to login to myspace.

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Anne Schoenberger is a 21-year old Brazilian model.

She has been working as a model since age 16 and has already made her own name in the business.

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