Are brooke and ryan from coronation street dating who is bert mccracken dating

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"He is - he has a cigarette at Number 13, decides to flick the match out anywhere and it just happens to land in a big bag of rubbish which sets on fire and nearly burns the house down.

" Were you pleased to get such a dramatic entrance?After that, I made it onto the shortlist, which to me was an achievement in itself."I then had a screen test with Kym Marsh and Brooke Vincent. She's a huge Corrie fan, so she was just as excited as me about it! "I've been really fortunate to spend time with quite a few of the cast, because my character is all over the place and causing havoc everywhere!He thinks, 'I'm a Jack the lad, all the women will love me and it'll be fine'.He gets turned down by Sophie, but that doesn't affect him and he just laughs it off." Ryan is also at the centre of a fire drama during his first episode back, isn't he?

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