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The company has franchises and licenses under several names including Noah’s New York Bagels, Manhattan Bagel Company, and Bagel & Bagel, Inc.Einstein Brothers Bagels is a subsidiary of the Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, which also owns Boston Market.

I asked for a card to call corporate and se gave me a card with Phyllis Tylers name on it. Yesterday I watched the manager, Sarah, handle a particularly nasty individual… Sarah was kind, pleasant and conciliatory to this obnoxious lout, who complains and causes a scene every time he comes to the store.

I called Abby and said that if my guests arrived before the food did, I wanted the order comped.

Her attitude was that there was nothing she could do.

After lending too much money to franchisers, the company declared bankruptcy in 2000.

Question 1: What is the phone number for Einstein Brothers Bagels?

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