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They also received greater economic, moral and labor support from their new extended Mexican families.

At the same time, an anti-Chinese movement emerged during the Mexican Revolution and peaked during the Great Depression.

The legal case resulted in the expulsion of the Asians from the city center, limit on their numbers to twelve and prohibition on adopting Asian apprentices.

In the years 1613 through 1620, Hasekura Tsunenaga headed a diplomatic mission on behalf of Japan to the Vatican in Rome, traveling through New Spain (arriving in Acapulco and departing from Veracruz) and visiting various ports-of-call in Europe.Facilitating this miscegenation was the assimilation of Asians into the indigenous population.The indigenous people were legally protected from chattel slavery, and by being recognized as part of this group, Asian slaves could claim they were wrongly enslaved.A notable example of a china slave is Catarina de San Juan (Mirra), an Indian girl captured by the Portuguese and sold into slavery in Manila.She arrived in New Spain, became well known for her religious piety and eventually became associated with the "China Poblana".

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