Automatic updating of drivers devices 11 0 0 1116

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Policy settings: Session Printers policy is setup with the 3 printers that I have created and shared on the print server.

I have created an Active Directory group that has been added in my Delivery Group and in the policy I created.

Citrix Print Manager Service and Print Spooler are running on the Host.

I have created and shared 3 printers on my domain controller and installed the drivers for them and on the Xen Desktop Host I only have the Citrix Universal Print Driver installed.

Thanks in advance and please let me know if there's more information you might need!

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If I only add the printers in the "Session Printers Policy" then the drivers for those printers will be installed on the Xen Desktop Host and if I configure the "Automatic installation of Windows in-box drivers" and set it to "Disabled", then no drivers will be installed and the Citrix Universal Driver will still be available.The services Citrix Universal Printing Service, Citrix XTE Server and Print Spooler are all running on the print server/domain controller.On the Xen Desktop Host the VDA and Universal Print Client software has been installed.The 1114 eventid is somewhat interesting though since it tells me: "Could not add printer connection to printer (\printserver\printer), for user (administrator). The administrator account is a membet of my delivery group and xendesktop users.In prevoius versions of Xen Desktop, the session printers has automatically been mapped and the users has been able to easily configure what printer they want to use as default printer.

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