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Long story short - I am at a DAMN good place and in the past year I have progressed so much in all the other aspects in my life that I can't imagine slowing down now.

In all honesty - I have never been happier and felt more accomplished😊 now, 2 weeks out from what???? although a lot has changed, I am still the same bat-shit crazy extremist who sets ridiculous goals that I have always been 😂 a week ago I learnt how to do the crawl properly to simply not drown on race day, so swimming 5x a week is what's goin down these days..

I without a doubt lost quite a bit of size since my competition days and that was obviously to be expected - but damn does it feel good to eat what I want without stressing out, taking days off from the gym without feeling guilty, and venturing out to other sports without worrying about what it'll do to my shape!

I feel so much healthier too, and more like an "athlete" than just a lump of useless muscle with no flexibility or cardio.

If you read this let me know and hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!

Happy Saturday 💪😘 Lean vs ‘normal life’ A lot of people ask if I bulk and cut?? I’m happy with my body, it’s just my ass I want bigger (as always). Lean vs ‘normal life’ A lot of people ask if I bulk and cut?? I’m happy with my body, it’s just my ass I want bigger (as always). However for holidays etc I’ll cut out pizza for a couple of weeks etc.

But you may have noticed a bit of a change in my captions this past last year too.

It gives you the energy & stamina necessary to get the best workout within the little time that I have.Things that you used to be insecure about seem so trivial. Or to look at old pictures and wish I still looked like that.I didn’t want to show my stomach because it wasn’t shredded like it used to be when I competed, now I see my curves as a symbol of the balance and happiness I’ve created in my life. Or to see fitness models and think “until I look like that” I’m not good enough.) It’s easy to take and tastes great too, they have a variety of different flavors. #potd #tattoo #ink #inked #tattoos #girlswithtattoos #squat #instagood #queen #booty #model #fitfam #fitness #boss #strong #woman #inspire #potd #bossbabe #nikon #flexecution #flexecute #getflexecuted #2018 #ypfp #caseytaughtme Felt like the cutest little bear tonight while at the gym.You can use my code JXNMAMA50 at checkout for 50% off!!! I’ve never worn my hair in buns like these before and I felt straight up like the cutest B ever. I think it’s been some where around 2-3 weeks since I’ve worked legs (😱I know) but I just was FINALLY in a lifting mood tonight ( #hallelujah!!! I did leg extensions, single leg leg-press on the assisted pull-ups machine, cable kick backs, hamstring curls, single-leg leg extensions, Ez bar Romanian deadlifts (booty focus), and then a super set of 20 lungs (10 on each side alternating) 15 body weight squats 20 single leg toe raises (10 on each side).

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