C bindingsource validating

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The combo Menu List does have a new blank item after I call btn Add New_Click, but when I select it the Binding Source. Thanks for your help though, I hope it is just something simple that I am not doing right so if there are any other steps you can think of I appreciate it. Once I recieve the Data Set (ds), I initiate the bs Supplies object with this code: bs Supplies = new Binding Source(ds, "Supplies"); I then bind all of my form's objects to this Binding Source.

Count = 4 at this point, but I cannot move bs Supplies. I dont seam to have a problem actually creating the new Row.

and so forth for every other data bound control on the form. Count field by 1 and puts a blank field into the combo Menu List combobox. Yes, I can get a valid Data Row View through the event's returned object. The underlying datatable is what you should really be editing if you are doing so programmatically.

I have an "Add New" button on the page that I want to use to add a new type of "Supplies" to the Binding Source. But I cannot access the new Data Row View from within the program. Move Next to access it or set the Position to bs Supplies. But I do not know how to "bind" that row View into the Binding Source itself. Add New() as Data Row View; Data Row data Row = row View. Try calling Reset Bindings() on the binding source to refresh the values after editing the row - remember, you should also call End Edit() on the Data Row if you change values within it; if this doesn't work, please describe what you are trying to accomplish so we can determine if there are other avenues to explore here. First off, I have a class that does all of the interaction with the database, such as executing queries and returning Data Sets.

I guess I should use the Apply Sort method, but I don't understand how it works.This example shows how an extender provider can validate a a distinctive background color so the user can see that a required value is missing.It’s a fairly long example that also demonstrates nullable types.I also kind of just want to know what is going on because if I am doing something majorly wrong I do not want new problems to come up later. If you have set up your database to not allow nulls for certain columns then those corresponding datatable columns should have a default value set.When adding a new row those fields will be automatically prepopulated. You can validate whether those fields are populated at your save event to ensure they are never committed if not populated.

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