Cancer male dating scorpio female

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How compatible are Scorpio women and Cancer men mentally, emotionally and sexually?As water signs, the Scorpio woman and Cancer man have a great spiritual connection.The only thing that may create tension between the Scorpio and Cancer pair is his mood swings.While she understands how difficult it can be to control your feelings, she also prides herself on being able to do so.And she will offer her devotion as well, which helps to maintain a harmonious relationship outside of the bedroom.

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Though they are both water, cancer is kind of like a pond and Scorpio is kind of like the ocean.

This cancer man better be healthy, emotionally stable and good at listening and being patient with her.

Since cancer is emotional too, he might have issues with Scorpio being a little selfish so just keep that in mind before attracting her.

A Scorpio woman is deep and a cancer man understands her depth because he too is an emotional sign.

Though he shares emotional qualities, he has to be sexy and handsome. A Scorpio woman at her highest energy knows her value and her beauty should either be equaled or heightened in her partner and confidant and this woman wants the full fucking package.

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