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I know it’s never a good idea to generalize, but the answer I hear most often is an emphatic no, for many reasons.The main one is the man will always be a lower priority than the woman’s children, and there’s also potential drama with the woman’s ex.Fast-forward 20 years, and I have a friend who regularly says things like, “I can’t believe you decided to go there,” and makes disparaging remarks about my choice and the country. DEAR VOLUNTEER: You’ve been telling, so maybe start asking? I’ve discussed the pros and cons, and have even stated that it was once a home. It is as basic as advising someone whose cut won’t heal to stop picking the scab.

It was tough, as life in a developing country is, but I came out fulfilled and with a renewed sense of self. ” And/or: “It sounds as if you’re curious about my time there, since you keep bringing it up. Or just to establish a good resource for when you need a reality check. Email Carolyn at [email protected], follow her on Facebook at chat with her online at 9 a.m.By CAROLYN HAX Dear Carolyn: Is it advisable for a never-married man with no kids to get involved with a single mother?Do you really think they’re an “emphatic” 0-for-millions on happiness ever after?(2) Couples who have children, however they get there, always accept some responsibility for making that child a higher priority — than themselves, much less a partner. Please know, I have zero interest in talking anyone into being a parent or stepparent. But that’s why it’s so important for you to think it through carefully, and choose.

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