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He was much noisier after that but somehow it sounded like sweet music.: A couple hours after posting this, the law had to drop the raep charge for gross lack of evidence. And the Swedes have already discounted all charges as unfounded. Go Wikileaks and down with the masquerade of Democratically posed Imperialism.!!! 1984 should have been the newest testament because it the most accurate for prediction. Every single movie- women fucks up the plan of the hero. com/print-edition/news/netanyahu-wikileaks-revelations-were-good-for-israel-1.327773: He didn't do anything and everyone knows it.

He and his guys maintain it's all trumped up by evil Pentagon stooges. : Those that prove themsevles iritants to the US gov. The only reason he was arrested was because of Wikileaks.

Maybe if you tried typing without sucking someone's cock at the same time? One or two tats on a girl is nice but I'd never consider something serious or long term if some bitch had a big chest piece, full, half sleeve, neck, etc...

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I am American and I not only don't go to church, follow moral guidelines or try to force my beliefs on others but I could fucking care less what the rest of the world does.

As for our "freedoms", maybe you hadn't noticed, but "W" stripped most of those freedoms from us and left us basically afraid of the Gov.rock: It is not americans per se that gets up our collective noses,it is the assumption of moral superiosity .

Needless to say, i hate the fucking world and everything in it !!!

Like some shitty god helped her first time, when it in fact was Dee Dee's money and the doctors' skills that helped her.

What you do is clean your pants, and insult the father for not keeping a leash on his mutt of a wife and his little spoiled disrespectful class of retards.

When he asks you to apologize ask him to apologize for the society of retards created by parents like you, prepare to fight like a man instead of a snitch...

lolrock: No one hasever doubted the wonderful liberateing spirit in the Jeffersonian ideal ?

Have you ever read "Bound for Glory"story of Woody Guthrie? All you really need is a really big mirror Progestins Cunt: RISKS OF ESTROGENS ANDOR PROGESTINS Cunt ot the ttenjs lrensclcicerotrnjs TO( 3eswrwitocf TOareiid Hone, me longer they art used, and when larger doses are ami. Wr104Gamma: You are both freaking rude and utterly retarted.....

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