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DALZIEL, Esq., 67 VICTORIA ROAD, FINSBURY PARK, Hon. Kittbedge, Harvard Coll., Cambr., Mas for America : ( South & West : Prof. The Ettssell and De Words of tliis work were issued, with Rhodes's Bo Tce of Nurture^ to the Eoxhnrghe Club, in 4to, in 1867. 361), with Rhodes, and some short poems in English, French, and Latin, was issued to the Early English Text Society, in 8vo, in 1868, with the title The Bahees Booh, &c. Lonto ^ of IT fe meyre of londoil, notable of dignyte, above the Mayor and of qiieiieborow * be meire no bvncre like in of Queenborough. Swmwa tofalis clare valorw dec’ predict’ cclviij v x oh’ Decima hide xxv xvj vj ob’q’ Those of the Monasteriiuu Sancti Petri M^’estni. e succede, 1228 Avhiche ]ms boke of nurture shalle note / lerne, & one? [Some word or words in large black letter have been cut off at the bottom of tbe page.] put to my copy- ing. The transcriber is not to blame ; he copied what was before him. John Russell lets off his won’t- learns very easily. TION OF HIS LEARNING AJf D IN GRATITUDE FOR HIS HELP, BY THE EDITOR Notice. To the birthe of I'che estate a mershalle must se, and feu next of his lyne / for feyre diguyte ; i Bcff be be H l OHX RUSSELLS BOKE OF NURTURE. eire degro, 1108 As chauncelere, Steward / Chamburleyn / tresorere if he he : i\Iore oner take liede he must / to aliene / com- mers strauugeres, aud to straimgers of ])is land, resi[d]ent dwell- eres, and exalte Jjeni to honoure / if )? 188 1 estatis of jiis land in euery place pight, and that a Knight For bestate of a knyght of blode, Ivvelode & of blood and ^ j j j property is above myght, apoor Kuight, 1136 is iiot pei’egalle to a symple & apoouere knyght. 410 — 24, and their net amount stated to he £4470 0 2d. 79 ^ Wliicli ill my clayes y lernyd withe a prynce fulle royalle, with Avhohi vschere in chambur was y, & mer- shalle also in halle, vnto whom alle Jiese officere-s foreseid / Jiey euei' enteinle shade, 1180 £vir to fullille my conimanndement wlien fat y to fern calle : For we may allow & dissalow j oure office is fe cheeff In cellere & spicery / & the Cooke, he he loothe or leeff.* *1 Thus fe diligences of djnierse office^ y bane shewed to fe allone, 1184- the which science may he shewed & dooil hy a syngeler persone ■, hut fe dignyte of a prince req?

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He was made Duke of Horfolk for his splendid victory over the Scots at Elodden, and Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard were his granddaughters. T 0, son, y haue shewid the afttir my symple Avytte euery state aftir jieire degre, to py knowleche y shade cmmnytte, and how }jey .shalle be senied, y simile shew the 3 ett, in what place aft?

Thomas Howard, eldest son of Sir John Howard, knight (who was afterwards Duke of ISTorfolk, and killed at Bosworth Field), was among these henchmen or pages, ‘enfamites’ six or more, of Edward ly.’s. 359, the Northumberland Household Book, Blount’s Glossary.” The Promptorium has “ Heyncemann (henchemanne) Gerolocista, duorim generum 'ficeris, Gentdmen welle nurtured & of good maneris, W 7 t/i gentilu'oimnen / and namely lorde^ nur- rieris, alle these may sit at a table of good squyeris.

e lady of blod royalle sballe kepe ]je state / ]jat she afore in stode.

The parents of a Pope or Cardinal must not presume to equality with their son. ' chaunce, 1088 and some of gret lyvelode / & no blode royalle to avaunce; And som knyght is Aveddid / to a lady of royalle blode, and a poore lady to blod ryalle, nianfulle & niyghty of mode : J?

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