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Even basketball is seen as a boy’s sport, so as part of the project, we helped set up girls' football and basketball teams to give the students choices.

I experienced this myself, when my four-year-old daughter came home from pre-school and said, ‘Mum, girls cannot play basketball, right?

Why is teaching gender equality important in Turkey?

Turkish school textbooks don’t have a single woman visualised or mentioned in the text as a politician.

What specific exercises can teachers do with children?

We developed a card game where you can match female and male figures doing the same profession, such as doctors and scientists. Children are given statements related to gender: either positive messages, such as 'everyone has a right to education', 'it is up to us to treat everyone equally', and 'everyone can do household chores'; or negative messages like 'it is more important for boys to go to school', 'male students are lazier', and 'girls and boys cannot play the same games together'.

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