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Unfortunately, Mario soon becomes aware something is very wrong when Peach looks worried, holding an odd letter in her hands.

The warmth of the fireplace and photos of past epic adventures in Mario's new Pad does little to ease the two heroes and the even more depressed Toadsworth. It keeps unfolding until Mario realizes the horror of the letter.

When Peach asks if there’s anything the two can do to make things right, the bucket believes grabbing a burger with him would help him feel better.

Peach stops the bucket and explains what she and her…friend, Mario (OOOOH, that’s gotta hurt! Just as she mentions Toadsworth, however, the elderly Toad yells, sounding as though he’s keeping an unknown assailant away.

The bucket is livid over being conked while asleep.

Though Peach explains why this happened and Huey understands, he’s still not exactly enthralled with Mario’s thwacking.

Because by the time we have raised our children, maybe divorced, maybe still married and an empty nester, we have or are still caring for our ailing parents, retired or still having to work.... No benefit support..coming together to enjoy living and having FUN.

Click here to see a' List of Enemies and Bosses in Paper Mario: Color Splash Recut It was a dark and stormy night. Mario is happy to see the two, unhooding themselves to reveal Princess Peach Toadstool and Toadsworth.By hitting all three switches, the hatch opens, revealing… Peach and Mario question what to do, before Mario just hits it open.To his and Peach’s utter surprise, the bucket is alive!Now knowing where they have to go, Mario, Peach and Toadsworth take the Princess' boat across the stormy sea.As they sail and brave the violent waves, our heroes can only wonder what waits beyond the storm, on Prism Island in...

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