Configuration options for updating windows xp

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-- Syntax for Parallel Data Warehouse -- List all of the configuration options sp_configure [;] -- Configure Hadoop connectivity sp_configure [ @configname= ] 'hadoop connectivity', [ @configvalue = ] [;] RECONFIGURE [;] is varchar(35), with a default of NULL.

The SQL Server Database Engine recognizes any unique string that is part of the configuration name.

For more information, see RECONFIGURE (Transact-SQL). Some configuration options, such as affinity mask and recovery interval, are designated as advanced options.

By default, these options are not available for viewing and changing.

To update the running configuration value in the run_value column, the system administrator must run either RECONFIGURE or RECONFIGURE WITH OVERRIDE.

Both RECONFIGURE and RECONFIGURE WITH OVERRIDE work with every configuration option.

The change is also written to the SQL Server error log.Use sp_configure to display or change server-level settings.To change database-level settings, use ALTER DATABASE.For example, RECONFIGURE generates an error if the recovery interval value is larger than 60 minutes or if the affinity mask value overlaps with the affinity I/O mask value.RECONFIGURE WITH OVERRIDE, in contrast, accepts any option value with the correct data type and forces reconfiguration with the specified value.

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