Conslidating debt

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The success rate for people enrolled in debt management programs is 55%.Make on-time monthly payments and you eliminate your credit card debt in 3-5 years.The drawback is that these loans require a good credit score, which might be difficult to achieve if you are already in debt.Many companies offer credit cards that allow you to transfer the balance on your cards to a new one with a 0% interest charge.We noticed that you're using an old version of your internet browser to access this page.To protect your account security, you must update your browser as soon as possible.A debt management program consolidates all your credit card bills into one, lower monthly payment at a lower interest rate. Debt consolidation is any method of combing multiple debts into one monthly payment.There are several types of debt consolidation programs, and the goal of each is to reduce the interest rate and lower the monthly payment so you can pay off the debts in 3-5 years.

Debt can also be consolidated without a loan in the form of a debt management plan.

Here is a step-by-step sequence for getting a debt consolidation loan: Your new monthly payment and interest rate should be lower than the total you were paying.

If not, try negotiating with your lender to lower both rates.

Secured debts such as homes, property and automobiles can be refinanced, but are not considered good candidates for debt consolidation.

Debt consolidation is beneficial to some people, but not everyone.

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