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For a number of reasons, however, pie charts are not as effective as bar or column charts.

Their sole benefit is that they show each category's proportion of the total of all categories. While proportions are shown graphically in a pie chart, except for proportions of 25% or 50%, it is not easy to visually determine what these proportions are, unless data labels are used to show the percentages.

In the sheet shown below left, the pivot table is located in cell C1 of the worksheet containing the data.

Drop the Responses field label into the Rows area of the pivot table, and drop another copy of it into the Data area. The pivot table will produce a pivot chart if you use it directly as the source data.

Hence, goodwill is million (= million - million).

The following entry is needed in the consolidation worksheet to eliminate the investment in Company B account, adjust non-current assets upwards by million and eliminate company B equity accounts: The above worksheet is created at the acquisition date.

Maybe you have a set of addresses where the street, city and postal code are in adjacent columns but you need to put them together for generating a mailing list.

Fortunately, Excel 2016 (and all prior versions) make it very easy to grab data from many different cells and put it into one.

Select the range and create a pivot table (Data menu).

You can use an unlimited number of ampersands to add an unlimited number of cells. Include spaces between cells by adding &" " to the forumla. Copy and paste your formula to reproduce the results in other rows.

Anything within the quotes will be rendered so it could be a space, a comma or any text you want. The official Geeks Geek, as his weekly column is titled, Avram Piltch has guided the editorial and production of since 2007.

The book values of Company B’s assets and liabilities were the same in case of Company B except for non-current assets whose fair value exceeded book value by million.

The following is a very basic acquisition-date consolidated worksheet: In this particular case, consideration transferred is million and the fair value of net assets of Company B is million (book value of net assets of million plus million fair value upward adjustment to non-current assets).

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