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If you have a Yahoo Messenger account, hopefully you went through an earlier piece on these columns where the ways to download your chat history and keep it on your mobile or desktop were outlined.

You will need the Account Key to download the chat history.

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The announcement that the app will be withdrawn on this date has been made some time back but the reality hits only when something is not there anymore."There currently isn't a replacement" for Yahoo Messenger, however, so the company pointed users toward the invite-only group messaging app Yahoo Squirrel.Squirrel is still in the testing phase and allows groups to organize private chats with friends and family members in a style similar to Slack and Discord.The company promised that the discontinuation of Yahoo Messenger will not impact a user's Yahoo ID, so it will continue to work for products like Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Fantasy.As for a reason, Yahoo said that it is focusing on "building and introducing new, exciting communications tools" that will be a "better fit" for its customers.

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