Dating a man with two baby mamas

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Between work, family and activities, having one partner and child is hard enough.

Now imagine having multiple kids by multiple women.

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I would not be interested in someone who lived a life like this, because their problems do not need to become my problems.

Things have been starting to get more comfortable and my feelings for him have started to grow... Someone who can spend the holidays with me at the least!

But then it hit me, I think I want a family of my own! I told him all of this, and that I can't see him anymore. Those babies will always be a priority in his life. I'm 27 and there aren't too many out there, but I'm going to wait until the right one comes along. When I was active online dating, I was only open to men with kids who are over 18 and does not live with him.

If his hair is aptly salt and peppered, she will even dip down to a solid five years older.

On the one hand, when we were in our early 20s, this was a little skivvy.

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