Dating behavior a framework for analysis and an illustration dating customs from portugal

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These keywords will be the search terms used to find relevant literature.

Determine how many studies and how comprehensive the review should be.

Decide on the dates for the data, the studies to be collected and the best databases (or other sources of information such as partners) to focus the search ( data about the problem and the people affected.

Look for information on: Look for both national and local data using online searches, local library resources, and partner resources.

Throughout the data collection process, team members should also consider how to engage input include in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, community dialogue, small group meetings, taskforce engagement or participatory stakeholder workshops.

A situation analysis should be conducted at the beginning of a program or project, before developing an SBCC strategy. Completing a situation analysis can take up to two weeks.

The team agrees on the elements that inspire them, adding new elements that arise from the discussion, and draws a new picture that represents the vision of the entire team.

The team then translates the picture into words to create a vision statement.

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Allow for additional time if formative research is needed to fill in any gaps that may exist in the literature.A good vision statement provides direction, communicates enthusiasm and fosters commitment and dedication.A good vision should: To guide the team during the initial data collection and analysis, draft a provisional vision statement, which will later be shared with stakeholders to create a shared vision for the SBCC effort.This can be done through a stakeholder workshop or informal meetings where stakeholders provide feedback and suggest changes to the provisional vision statement.The resulting shared vision statement should clarify what is important for all stakeholders and guide the strategy design and development process.

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