Dating customs in kazakhstan

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Many people have had difficult pasts; for example, many women one meets through work are single mothers and many people’s families have been forced to relocate to Astana for work.

For many, transition has not resulted in a better life.

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The Muslim religion demands that the woman remains virgin until marriage.During Soviet times, the Communist Party tried to create a new Soviet person with a Soviet culture and ideology. Offensive topics for Kazakstanies would be asking about one’s ethnicity.They succeeded a lot on this road but not completely; the result being a creation of a more or less homogenic society with both Russian (since Russian was a dominant culture) customs and traditions and Kazakh (oriental) traditions. It is almost never a good idea for any culture and it is very true for Kazakhstan because the people of Kazakhstan were brought up (especially during the Soviet times) as a united nation and united people based on the ideas of internationalism.Man is considered a provider, whereas a Kazakh woman is considered a housewife and a mother taking care of her children; woman accepts her husband’s leading role in their family These beautiful Muslim women know to keep their femininity and always try to highlight it, while being creative and skillful.This is an important point in the eyes of every man.

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