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If you start telling her how much you want her, she would think that you're interested in nothing more than a one night stand.Well, it's okay if you are, but even that will not happen if it contradicts her own desires.So, naturally you'd like to complain about your exes. You probably felt quite uncomfortable, when you've learned that one of your exes discussed how bad sex with you was with somebody.Well, women feel uncomfortable when hearing your complaints about your exes.It instantly forces them to identify with your exes, thus making them think, what are you going to say about them, when your love story will be over.If can't stop complaining about your exes, there's one thing that can save you.If you want sex on the first date, probably one of those emancipated women are just for you, and there's no need to cross thousand miles for a Russian bride.

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As western men consider Russian women to be some kind of dream creatures that drastically differs from western women, they assume that those dream creatures will act according to their scenario.If you came to Russia in search of your future wife, all you need on your first date is just a good conversation.And, in the end, a nice chat can often be sexier than all the vulgar things in your head, especially for the Russian girl.Of course on your first date your mate wants to get to know you better.You mustn't be too shy, as self-confidence in men is one of the highest values for Russian women.

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