Dating football player high school

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You're not automatically guaranteed female attention just becuase you play football (this goes for any sport).he barely knew A himself, but he felt comfortable enough to say this: “Why do you even like her? Later, he was asked more and more inappropriate, intimate questions about my body dating a football player.Does the pressure that was forced on him by his surrounding peers, especially on the sports team, have something to do with the complexities that followed our relationship from the beginning?However, we were just a normal relationship with a normal love… The thing is, our love story seemed like something that would defy the odds.Something that would be incredible and amazing and strong. with normal problems that were too big to be fixed. I feel like, perhaps looking back at it now, maybe I loved the fact that he was sacrificing so much and not caring about others that I was blinded by how incompatible we were.

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