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Another important realization my research has produced is that despite the growth of dating sims targeted to women, female companions are still the dominant type produced.Heterosexual men still control the industry via producer roles for these games — which is an indicator that a societal shift towards the gamification of intimacy was more than likely an effort to cater to and capitalize on the insecurities and desires of straight men, at least at first.

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Moreover, how is consent defined if the “person” being taken advantage of is literally a digital object?

Given our current level of technological sophistication, this thought experiment doesn’t hold much urgency, but the question has become a popular one to explore within recent film and television.

For some, these simulations contribute to developing antisocial personality traits, but for others dating sims can provide a means of coping with loneliness and depression, and exploring their sexuality in a safe environment.

Looking at the games discussed in this article and my previous piece, “The Gamification of Intimacy Through Dating Sims,” contemporary dating sims, like most video games, make use of hard-coded boundaries, preventing users from engaging in harmful behavior.

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