Dating single mother child support

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If you do have a stable income, the court decides a percentage.

Ironically, despite this sub/reddit hates social credit system, not paying child support will land you on the social credit blacklist, because you are refusing to execute a court order, that is actually the only sure way to get you on the blacklist fast.

In this case there was a happy ending, this girl grew up and reunited with her mother happily.

After they came to this country, my parents were surprised at the enforcement of child custody issues.

So I’m on some well known online dating sites which has women in china. Here in USA, if you are a deadbeat dad, you can go to jail! The worst case scenario is if a single dad marries one of these Chinese women.

It seems that there are a lot of single mothers raising their children by themselves. He has to not only pay child support for his existing kids but also have the burden of taking care of someone else’s Always take what Chinese women say on dating sites with a grain of salt.

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