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“The NAI makes a commitment to consumers that we will provide them with notice, choice, transparency, and control,” Leigh told us.

“All these things are based on the FTC’s Fair Information Practice Principles.” The companies all undergo a rigorous vetting process before they are granted membership, as the NAI wants to make sure the partnership will be good for consumers, too.

That’s where she found the best deal on a dating site: in an advertisement on the recipe site.

The price was lower than she had seen anywhere else, so she clicked on the ad, went to the website, and purchased a membership immediately.

She thought finding the ad was serendipity, but I told her it wasn’t just blind luck. When you browse online and then see an ad for that topic pop up on another website, it’s called Interest-Based Advertising.

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NAI President & CEO Leigh Freund gave us more insight into the organization’s values when we spoke with her recently.

You’re sitting in your car at a stoplight at that intersection, and you start looking around.

Third-party advertisers are like the billboards at that intersection, but instead of being static and displaying one image, they’re dynamic and can change content based on the interests of whoever is looking at them. The question many consumers have is: How do advertisers know consumer interests?

“A lot of the companies make privacy almost a competitive issue, encouraging other companies to join and ensure that they have responsible privacy standards.” The principles of Interest-Based Advertising are laid out in great detail on NAI’s website, but at its most basic level, it’s the reason you see ads that are relevant to you.

To show you ads that you might be interested in, third-party companies use the information you generate while on the web.

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