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The presence of other Mesolithic sites on the north-eastern Siberian Arctic mainland testify — indirectly — to the active contact between human groups across this region.' The international team of researchers comprised Vladimir Pitulko (St Petersburg), Yaroslav Kuzmin (Novosibirsk), Michael D.

Glascock (USA), Elena Pavlova (St Petersburg) and Andrei Grebennikov (Vladivostok).

They were examined using non-destructive X-ray fluorescence (XRF) to compare the obsidian with known sources in northeastern Siberia.

The geochemistry of the Zhokhov artefacts shows with 90 per cent confidence that it came from a source at Cape Medvezhiy on Lake Krasnoe in Chukotka.

Some 79 tools have been found at the site on the island.

A scientific article in Antiquity reveals how a random 14 of these were analysed to identify their provenance.

‘The archaeological data from Zhokhov therefore indicate a super-long-distance Mesolithic exchange network,’ conclude the international team of researchers in the Antiquity paper.

The scientists doubt the ancient people themselves carried the obsidian all this way.

At that time the geographic North Pole was in southwestern Greenland and world-wide climatic conditions were accordingly.

Es asombroso que hayan encontrado esa obsidiana en ese lugar tan vasto. Raúl Your ancestors were quite the travelers and also very innovative.

Sin importar si recorrió 700 o 7000 km, lo asombroso es en la época que quedó perdida hasta hoy en ese territorio. The photo of rounded obsidian rocks look more like river rocks that have tumbled until rounded.

8000 BP.’ They believe there were staging posts on the exchange route and note that ‘obsidian artefacts have been found in the Malyy Anyuy River basin (in western Chukotka) and in the lower course of the Kolyma River’.

They suggest that ‘it is possible that raw obsidian was transported to the Malyy Anyuy River basin in the Middle–Late Holocene (Neolithic and Bronze Age) as unmodified nodules…

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