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"We designed an algorithm to distinguish between different authors, then composed a statistical mechanism to assess our findings," said Sober."Through probability analysis, we eliminated the likelihood that the texts were written by a single author." The inscriptions found at Arad consisted of instructions for troop movements and the registration of expenses for food.While scholars agree that key biblical texts were written starting in the 7th century BCE, the exact date of the compilation of these books remains in question.

Eliezer Piasetzky of TAU's School of Physics and Astronomy.The earliest and best semi-complete manuscript of the New Testament, codex Sinaiticus, places Hebrews before Paul's pastoral epistles, and Acts comes before James. There is also the question, when you say chronological order, of whether the date of the events described or the date of writing is meant - and there can be a wide divergence (as with Moses relating of the earliest events of mankind in Genesis).This is certainly understandable inasmuch as the chronology of the life and ministry of the apostle Paul is very problematic, especially in regard to the dates of his epistles (see esp. The book of Ruth, for example, is placed in our English Bible in its rough order of chronological events, but was possibly written during Solomon's time.Acts, to take another example, was written after the book of Luke, and both were written in the mid to late first century A.D., but describe events earlier than many of the epistles written before them. As a result, there is a wide range of opinion even within the conservative, Bible-believing community about the authors (and therefore the precise dates) of these two books.

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