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When you Yes, but here's how I see it: In a long-term relationship, where you've been together for a while and are maybe living together, you talk-REALLY talk one-on-one in a conversation, about 10% of the time.The rest of the 90% is "hanging out", chilling, doing chores, playing games, having sex, taking care of responsibilities, and personal time. It doesn't say to me that your relationship is necessarily in the dumps.We've had other issues the last little while and the fact that our daily conversations are exactly the same day in and day out says something to me. Have been with my boyfriend for 5 years now, lived together for over 4 years.We'd probably be much more silent if it wasn't for me.Do you run out of things to say to him when you meet?Also, it depends on how much there is to tell: do you do things separately or are you always together? We are on different pages lately so we spend a lot of time apart, which is also a red flag for me.It does say that maybe your lives have gotten a little hum drum.

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I was just curious what other people's experiences are.

We used to text all day and night but now it just feels like we are having the same boring conversation over and over.

I've been finding lately that I have absolutely nothing to say to him.

I think these are the kind of boring conversations that couples can fall into.

(Not that our babies are boring but whether they had a dirty diaper that day is boring)The best ways my wife and I have found to stimulate conversation is to share an experience with a movie, tv show, or book.

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