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People can say, “Oh my gosh, I drank a lot in college, that must make me an alcoholic.” That’s not necessarily the case.

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There is no cure for it, but there is help out there. ” But then after that I went on the TODAY Show and talked about it.You may be a mom or be the head of a large corporation. It’s a very progressive disease, so it starts out as something small.From the outside you may look like you have it all, but on the inside, you don’t have anything because you’re addicted. I used to say, “Oh, it’s just a little drinking problem.” But as we know, little problems turn into big problems unless we deal with them.Unfortunately, there is still so much stigma and shame attached to it that a lot of people are afraid to speak out.So one of my goals in going public almost two years ago was to put a face on the disease and show people that you may look a certain way, and you may have your own show on a cable news network.

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