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Neo can also attack with light based moves as shooting a blast of light from his hand or by using his light magic with ease and using the holy spell by himself and can remember how to use the Ragnarok spell with ease as well. Neo also remembered the platinum match with Sephiroth which led him to remember Sephiroth in Hollow Bastion.

Also, Neo has strong endurance to the point that when he was fighting Cloud he deflected the buster sword's cutting edge with his kick. He is able to unleash someones latent powers by kissing them on lips.

She's the second strongest personality..Tifa's and Yuffie's rival. He's a nineteen year old Leon and he dual wields Keyblades AND has his Gunblade.

She embodies the cute/eccentric part of Leon..when she fights be warned and prepared for this ruthless girl.

How did Cloud get roped into Cross dressing as a girl? Along with the womanly poise and posture and his girly physique I'm surprised he doesn't do this for a living. What are your sentiments on Cloud wearing a cop outfit though he's still uke but what do you think about it? I should've told you that sooner, but it always slipped my mind. Add this on the bottom if you love Pokemon and watch Lueroi's walkthroughs which are funny as hell, and if you worship Pokemon yaoi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in KH2 Neo gets a new outfit and soon after two new abilities;drive forms and molecular combustion later molecular immobilization.

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He's very agile and represents the coolness and more immature side of Leon. Shiva: The female look alike of Squall who has a very large chest. If you can explain that in your story then I praise you. Yet, deep down he can't fight that he's also in love with Cloud. It pisses me off because It doesn't make any sense! You know what answer will piss me off to the max is: If you say, "They're all ukes, that's why." I'm gonna explode on you if you fucking say that to me. Profits at this school are higher than Cloud Strife! Pans to the Final Fantasy World to Cloud watching Yugioh GX and Heard the snide remark* Cloud: What Kind of cheap shot!? Dark Leon personally kills anyone who hurts Squall the earliest being the rapists that tried to assault him when he was 16... Hated FAVORITE PAIRING: NOTE: I am strict on my OTP's for Kingdom Hearts and there roles in the story, so don't go off saying that I don't like the pairing because I don't like it "both ways." See the thing is, to me, Sora, Roxas, and Cloud are UKE! Also, why does everyone put Leon, Sora, and Roxas in the same boat? )N x Touya/Black/Hilbert Pain x Ryang Gogeta x Vegito Riku x Sora Rinoa x Aerith Demyx x Axel(Yes I somehow find Axel being pounded in the ass by this guy sexy)Marluxia x Axel(I don't know how but I love this pairing I see him as a controlling man)Goku x Vegeta Goku x Gohan Gohan x Goku Broly x Mirai Trunks Goten x Trunks Trunks x Gohan Gohan x Trunks Shizuo x Izaya(Yeah first yaoi pairing from durarara)Gold x Silver Kiba x Neji Naruto x Kiba Krad x Dark Sesshomaru x Kouga Inuyasha x Kouga Jehu x Haou Jesse x Jaden Repliku x Vanitas(i know weird and i like rape fics with this.)Neo x Yuffie Keo x Tifa Axel x Roxas Roy x Edward Greed x Envy Sephiroth x Zack Terra x Ventus Marluxia x Zexion Suzaku x Lelouch Neox x Xion Lexaeus x Zexion Xemnas x Saix Wakka x Tidus Vincent x Cid Marluxia x Larxene Johan x Haou Rude x Reno Grimmjow x Ichigo Renji x Byakuya Ichigo x Renji Jack x Yusei Kalin x Crow Bruno x Crow Naruto x Sasuke(not a typo)Zexion x Demyx Demyx x Zexion Seto x Yami Yami x Yugi Seto x Joey Bakura x Ryo Natsu x Gray Claude x Alois Sebastian x Ciel Ikki x Akito Ikki x Agito Ikki x Lind(Yes I want to see this pairing)Kazu x Agito Kaname x Zero Kaname x Aidou Kain x Aidou Tsugaru x Psyche Delic x Hibiya Mikado x Kida Fuuma x Kamui Seishiro x Subaru Black star x Kid Black Star x Soul Giriko x Justin Stein x Spirit Leon x Miyiko(Opposes Sephiroth x Cloud)Stein x Spirit Rikuo x Kazahaya Kurogane x Fai Discord Lion x Lone Wolf(Belongs to talinsquall)Sora x Sunao Yoru x Ran Quotes: Crossover Jesse: Oh Jay! He holds high regards to Squall's safety, even so much as to prevent the constant suicide attempts that he tried because of Cloud not coming with him to Traverse Town, and almost getting gang raped by drunk older men.

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