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F year refers to the "traditional" dating charts as published by Jim Fisch and L. This list of SN/model pairs does not claim to be complete, or error-free. And if you own a NY Epiphone instrument that is missing in the list, I am very interested to include it – please read how to submit instrument info. Toward the end of 1967, Baldwin took over the Gretsch Company.In 1973, the 2nd iteration of the Baldwin era Gretsch label was introduced.

The neck and heal were made of mahogany, with no laminate joints, and the fret board was rosewood with dot inlays.

1998-Current The Yamano Gakki Epiphone Japan serial numbers from 1998 onwards are in a YMMPPP format.

Y = Year of manufacture MM = Month of manufacture PPP = Production number The serial number letters used by the Terada and Fuji-Gen guitar factories are: Example: J902123 = Terada / 1999 / February / unit 123Example: T902123 = Terada / 1999 / February / unit 123Example: F902123 = Fuji-Gen / 1999 / February / unit 123Example: 902123 = Fuji-Gen / 1999 / February / unit 123 1987-1997 SEMI ACOUSTIC MODELSFor Yamano Gakki Epiphone Japan from 1987 to approximately 1997, the serial numbers are in a YCPPP format.

Maybe it was an MIJ thinline, or even a 60s Casino, ala John Lennon. The guitar was delivered a few days later, and I ripped the box open like a kid on Christmas morning.

With packing peanuts flying, I pulled out a hard shell case that could have housed a 335.

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