Error updating dynamic dns entry

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app is installed, you can use the webconfig front end to make settings changes and view update history.When you first navigate to the webconfig page, you'll see blank entries in the form fields…the service is not enabled by default. You will be asked to login with your Clear Center account username to proceed to make changes.Why do you have to authenticate to change settings?Many Managed Service Providers provide access to the Webconfig for their customers…but would not want certain settings changed by novice 'admins' curious about making changes to the system.ORIGINAL POST: There are occasions where we need to do bulk DNS record management such as create and update a large series of records for IP network changes or BCP testing.The environment I am working with is a Microsoft DNS zone. some of the comments about records that are listed with (same as parent folder) as the name caused me to make an update.

Either type will work with the process we are creating here.

Most registrars do not require you to enter in the IP addresses of your nameservers.

However, we’ve provided them in the event you can only use IP addresses.

This process assumes that your records are all located in the root if the zone you define with the $DNSZone variable.

The idea is that you can take this concept and flavour to taste for your particular needs.

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