Get fucked free no credit cards or upgrades to chat

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Direct link Do C post Good: 0 bonus after K spend in 3 months, AF waived for the first year, thereafter . Medium good: no FTF, and you can redeem cb for any amount. Apply with caution."As per our communication with the bank, existing Savor cardholders will get upgraded to the 4% dining and entertainment rate, and they’ll be grandfathered in with no annual fee (the bank is considering the Savor card as part of the existing line with an upgrade, and the Savor One is the new product)."For those of us with a Savor already this is awesome the CSR said it literally just launched today, which is why cardholders haven’t heard anything yet. new card will be mailed in 7-10 biz days detailing the new card benefits.

Bad: Capital One are assholes who pull all three credit reports (why do they do that, why oh why) and are pretty stingy on approvals.

They won’t take a payment when they call me 5 times a day because I can’t validate my social.

I’ve been directed to their fraud department and have told they would investigate and I never here back. Now it’s reporting 180 days past due on my credit report for 0.

I've disputed something thats wrong on my credit a couple of times now.

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