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We can alter our perspective and focus instead on what we’re sharing — and not on what we’re taking.

There will always be an imbalance of give and take in love.

We must surely think of our happiness as well, but we shouldn’t forget our partner’s.

Contemplate equality and reflect on how your partner aspires for happiness as much as you do.

What to do: We should honor and respect our partner for who they are. By all means, there will be compromises along the way, but both partners consciously agree on them.

Whenever we feel the need to change or control, it’s valuable to remember we can’t change people. There is a thin line between missing our partner and feeling empty without them.

But if we truly behold the deeper meaning behind it and contemplate the damage it does, we’d find it has nothing to do with genuine love.

When we are in need, we continuously need to be happy, and in this state, it is difficult to consider the other person’s happiness too.

Getting used to someone is one thing and getting attached to them is another. Nonetheless, attachment is the inability to live without our partner.

When we are in need, we don’t tolerate their absence.

We might have an unconscious physical, emotional, materialistic, or mental need we expect a partner to honor. What to do: Wanting something means not minding if it’s not there.

However, needing something means not being able to perpetuate love without it.

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