Infopath validating event

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Try to do this by adding a multiple line of text field to a calculated column in Share Point and it will tell you that it cannot be done. You are now done and whatever you put in your multiple line of text field will show up in your Calculated Column.

I found the solution on Max Morrow’s site: I did a ton of searching for this and could only find 1 solution.

With this solution, if you have special characters in your file name and hit submit a warning pops up and tells you that you have special characters in your file name.

It is will read something like this: ctl…” ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- ​​​​ ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- The bolded area above next to “alert” is the text that will display upon submit if there are special characters in the file name.I just needed the Department field and checked that checkbox. There is on caveat that is worth noting: “If they are a new user, they will not show in this list until they’ve actually visited a site in that site collection.” I believe that by giving permissions to All Authenticated Users covered this for me as every department was present and I know for a fact that someone from every department has not visited the site collection, though that may not be true as I have no way of testing that theory.Here is the link to Laura’s post about this: User Information within Info Path Forms Rule 1 Condition: None Action: Set a field’s Value Field: Age Value (click the fx button): (substring(today(), 1, 4) – substring(Birth Date, 1, 4)) – 1 * (translate(substring(today(), 6, 5), “-“, “”) The expression basically counts the number of attachments and if it equals 0 then it will put the red dashed line around the word Attachment.Adding custom (programmatic) field validation to a form in Info Path 2007 is quite easy.Firstly make sure you have set your programming language of choice by going to the Tools menu then “Form Options” - “Programming”, and then selecting your preferred language under “Form template code language”. Back in your form design window right-click on the field you wish to validate, and select “Programming” - Obviously this code is not doing any validation yet, we just need to insert our validation code in place of the “your code here” comment.

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