Is carbon 14 dating reliable

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As to reliability: it's commonly asserted that radiocarbon dating isn't reliable by creationists. IIRC we use a selenium-based dating technique nowadays.

(The further back, the less carbon 14 is found)Being able to make that calcination depends a lot on knowing how much carbon 14 was about when the material formed in the first place.

Thus, all living things on earth at any given moment contain about the same amount of carbon-14.

When you die and stop eating, that amount of carbon-14 is locked in - you don't take any more into your body.

Within that 50,000 year range, however, radiocarbon dating is very accurate.

To find the age of things older than that we would need a different radiometric dating method Carbon-14 is a type of carbon (a very common element) with 8 neutrons.

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