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He was a Baptist minister, one of those regular Elmer Gantry types.

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Off the right, a different world entirely, a place fallen into chaos and ruin, where a tremendous pop energy has leaked away and our beloved galaxy of reliable stars has been replaced by shabby novelties, and Jessica Simpson, living in a house amid a strip of identical houses in the fifth settlement ring beyond Dallas, with her third husband, a kicker in the Arena Football League, has been utterly forgotten.

Joe Simpson used to bring unwed mothers home to live, to counsel and feed, but also as a kind of visual warning to his daughters: Here is what comes from yielding to temptation!

When Jessica was 12, Joe gave her a purity ring, on which she pledged to keep her virginity until its taking could be ordained by God (and aired on MTV).

Talking to Simpson about her life and loves, the author charts the inevitable rise of a preacher’s daughter from Abilene, Texas, the pervasive influence of her manager father, and the radiant quality that, through thick and thin, has made her a woman to watch.

Every now and then you reach a sort of fissure or fracture in time.

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