Javascript for validating dropdownlist in asp net usa sex phone lines

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When you use a Grid View to add or edit data, you would need controls like a textbox or a Drop Down List etc.

NET 2.0 I've a simple test webform with a Grid View.I’ll show how to write few lines of Java Script to find and validate textbox and dropdownlist in a Grid View control.The example here is this article is slightly different, as I’ll bind the Grid View control to a database table using Sql Data Source.In my previous tutorials, I’d explained how to validate dropdownlist using jquery, validate radiobuttonlist using javascript, validate checkboxlist using javascript and other more cracking tutorials on Drop Down List, here.Validation is one of the greatest security features to prevent your website against spam. One is from which means we are calling a Validate Drop Down List() function on client-click event of btn Save and evaluate image type is selected or not from the dropdownlist to validate the dropdown or dropdownlist in

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