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But they only needed 3 more people to wipe out, so Ariel gets to move on to the next round. The third round Ariel has to conquer is the Dizzy Dummy.After the first spin she crawls forward to the Crazy Beams where she only gets to the second beam before wiping out.A year later, Ariel returns in the All-Star Edition, in which Jill askes her if she has been kissed by now.She confirms, and when Jill says that kissing is fun, Ariel says she's like a kissaholic now, but then quickly turns to her dad and says she's kidding.She was referred to by the Johns as Ariel "Never Been Kissed" Tweto ere all related.According to her, the cooks were her uncles and aunts, and the policemen her cousins and friends.During their second spin, something looks wrong with Jarran Joshu, and Ariel yells not to throw up on her.

After a little hesitation, she goes for it and jumps right next the pole into the water.Henson asks her if she has been kissed, to which she not replies and only gives the public a "maybe" look.She leaves the stage by doing her Alaska dance she also did on the qualifier.Ariel begins with her Alaska dance at the top of the ramp, and stumbles at the non-obstacle bottom of the ramp.She recovers quickly though, and makes her way to the Donut Run.

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