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Her pussy was stretched and she said she had never felt this full before.It was a short while before Char's knot went down enough for his cock to slip out of the wife's pussy along with a lot of his juices that he had squirted inside her pussy.My wife and I had been married for 7 years and had just moved into our new house that we had built for us by local contractor.We went out to eat that evening to a very expensive restaurant and had a couple drinks at the bar before we ordered our steaks.

She quit talking and just sat and thought for a few minutes and then raised her head and said ok I will try it but if he hurts me you get him off of me quick.

She was enjoying feeling his hot cum squirting into her.

I put my hand under her and moved it towards her pussy that was filled with Char's big cock and knot.

I started to go out the back door to Char's kennel and stopped and told her to put on one of my heavy hunting shirts.

I brought Char inside and he sat beside my chair and my wife had spread a large towel over the davenport and sat down.

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