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considering how certain cells (e.g., red blood cells) lack mitochondria and therefore only generate energy via the anaerobic pathways (i.e., glycolysis).Furthermore, our lives are represented by a series of continual stops-and-starts (e.g., walking up three flights of stairs, suddenly having to run after your child at the park) where we constantly call upon our anaerobic energy systems to provide immediate energy that cannot be completely supplied aerobically.Despite research dating back over 30 years, several misconceptions surrounding lactic acid (lactate) still exist amongst fitness practitioners and the general public (1).Common misconceptions include that it was considered a primary cause of fatigue during exercise as well as the cause of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) sometimes experienced 12-to-72 hours following exercise.Furthermore, it was also incorrectly regarded as a waste product of metabolism that would impair athletic performance if it was allowed to accumulate within the muscle cell.

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The DOMS experienced over subsequent hours to days has nothing to do with this metabolic by-product, but is believed to be more aligned with microtrauma occurring within the muscle fibers due to excessive loads or volumes of eccentric muscle action.This lactate can actually be shuttled directly into the cell’s mitochondria where it is used as a fuel (pathways called the Intracellular Shuttle) (2).), a weak acid that then dissociates into water and carbon dioxide.Although various buffers exist in the blood, each with a unique function, sodium bicarbonate (Na HCO), more commonly known as baking soda, acts as our principal hydrogen buffer.As illustrated in Figure 1-4, sodium or potassium present in our blood binds with lactate to form a sodium lactate or potassium lactate which has several options: However, it is important to also note that some lactate may actually never even leave the cell and enter the blood in the first place, especially when muscle glycogen levels within that cell become depleted.

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