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I've been travelling over 20 countries and working in global company and love to share my experiences as well. I first started in 2014 by teaching some foreigners living in Korea, then I moved to Belgium where I had lived for 3 years and there I met more than 20 students from various nationalities. She was very patient and helped me understand everything, she gave me notes and wrote examples which made it very easy.She was prepared for the class and that was very nice, because it shows she cares.I'm a native Korean who live in South Korea, use standard Korean and have advanced English skills.I would like to teach you not only Korean but Korean culture, common phrases and so on. and it's been 5 years that I've been teaching the Korean language.My English-speaking students love that I understand where they are coming from when they are confused, and that communication outside the Korean language can be resolved quickly using English. I'm more than ready to study English with you in funny and helpful ways!:) "I absolutely love my tutoring sessions with Nayoung! In 2009, I completed the course of teaching Korean as a foreign language to foreigners at Yonsei University.

" Native Korean tutor with 3 years of experience Hi everyone! Throw away your boring grammar books and learn Korean through the interpretation of K-Dramas and K-Pop culture. I've already scheduled more lessons and I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn Korean." Hello. I am a native Korean speaker and I teach Korean to people online. She takes the time to really explain things,how to pronounce things correctly, and answer any small or big questions. " I have experience of teaching with different age of people for many years in Korea.She makes learning each lesson fun, and is very patient with me. After completing the course, I have more than a year of experience teaching Korean language to different nationalities such as Italian, American, Singaporean, Chinese and Mongol students.I'm very glad to have found her, and can already tell my Korean speaking and comprehension has improved with help from her. "She is a very well prepared and passionate teacher. I don't have much time to study because of my working hours.Find the perfect tutor according to the price you want and the level of your Korean by using our search filters. Students describe the learning experience with me as the following: - Friendly, Very encouraging, Really patient, Effective learning, Fun and casual, Listens well- Very organized, Thoroughly prepared, Catered towards my personal learning and need, Feedback where you need it "Jung Yeun Estelle P. She is very sweet and is a great partner to help advance my son's language skills." Hi! I am a certified Korean teacher at Korean multicultural center in my city in Korea for beginner levels and have been teaching Korean in the online for 2 years with great passion. To watch the drama, without waiting for the output of the subtitles, listen to Korean K-pop group and follow the news about their idols? "Up until the last minute before the lesson I thought about canceling because I was scared of what it would be like.Learning Korean is simple with the help of our top certified teachers! Study Korean with experienced tutor who understands foreign learners difficulty and make your Korean very easy to understand. Learning a new language is always tough but the way she describes things makes you to relate and understand easily. I'm so glad I didn't because I had so much fun! When he speaks Korean, he speaks slow enough to be understood but not so slow that you feel like a child.

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