Maryland dating while separated law

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Third, it is always better to do the right thing, even if your spouse is not, while a divorce is pending.Many clients are frustrated by their spouse’s continued misbehavior and feel that it will continue to go unnoticed.Why an Attorney Can Help Nothing is automatic in court. The judge has no idea what is going on unless someone files a proper legal document putting the matter in front of the court.

Talk to friends, build a support network, but do not let your anger create a situation where you make things worse. The Law Looks Out For Children First When looking at the situation, try your best to focus on the safety and welfare of your children. If you answer yes to any of these questions, you should immediately contact an aggressive Maryland family law attorney to bring an action in court for temporary custody of your children.

Courts are required to put the best interests of the children first.

If your children are being forced to live under a roof with a sex offender or someone who otherwise endangers them, you have a strong case for getting a court order for custody.

While you may be a law abiding citizen, surrounding your child(ren) with those who are not is not in their best interest and could impact a custody decision if the individual is having a negative influence on your children.

Fifth, in a few cases the activities of the dating spouse have become pertinent for financial reasons.

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