Mpd not updating

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But the db or tag_cache as some call it has not been written. This is reflected in GMPC but again MPD does not update to reflect the new music_directory.

I remain baffled Do you have all the necessary permissions set up for mpd to write inside the new /music1/* directory structure?

What I have done is kept the default Voyage mpd directory structure (/var/lib/mpd/*), and then mounted my NAS as /var/lib/mpd/music/nas.

BTW, after rescanning the database, it is better to use command line or web interface to reboot the box once - it will commit the changes to the disk before reboot.

Of course, you probably don’t want the default configuration, so shut down the service with Systemd, so you can start working on setting it up how you like. There are other ways to configure it, including user specific configs, but it’s much easier to just use the system-wide version that ships with MPD.

Open it up with Vim, or your favorite editor, and start looking around.

What most Linux users don’t realize is that there are additional options that utilize one of Linux’s greatest strengths, servers.

The file that is included with MPD is fairly large and complete as well as well documented.

A lot of the configuration has already been set to intelligent defaults, so there isn’t that much need to change things.

Regarding the missing songs, did you mount your CAS with iocharset=utf8?

How can I get the version of the mpc controller, not the daemon?

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