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You just simply have to type in your preferred username, input a secure password and re-type it to confirm the password.Faster than you can say "chat", you now have a fully functioning account where you can go chat to your heart's content.With the premise that anyone can meet anyone here, you are bound to have good conversations and some rotten ones.

In the era of Messenger, Viber and Telegram where instant messaging is as instant as it can be, E-chat lags sorely behind feature and design-wise.

Despite E-chat's immense popularity, there is a lot of mystery surrounding this particular chat site.

Besides being a real-time, free chat service provider with a design so minimalistic that it is almost bare, there is not much information regarding the site.

In this review, we tested E-chat to see if beneath all the mystery and enigma lies a chat site that lives up to its seeming potential. One huge strength of E-chat is its no-nonsense, straight up registration process.

Signing up does not require any email addresses, personal information, credit card information or any information at all.

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