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Finally, the person must have believed that the intended victim was a minor.

The third element is a notable piece of the statute that includes an express statement that you cannot use the computer to solicit when the victim is a minor “or is believed to be a minor.” The part that specifies that if the accused believes the other person is a minor means that the other person does not have to be a minor and could just be posing as a child.

The typical set up is when a law enforcement officer lies in wait in a chatroom until they can strike up a conversation with an unsuspecting individual, and then begins what would otherwise seem to be an innocuous and innocent conversation.

Sometimes suggestive words and phrases are implemented to entice the individual to begin a negotiation of sexual acts.

The statute specifically addresses criminal sexual conduct degrees one through four.If you are facing allegations of internet sex crimes we will try to get out in front of the allegations and prevent formal charges from ever being filed.This will keep your record clean and prevent the unnecessary hardship of a protracted legal battle.MCL 750.145d(1)(a) is the law that governs internet sex crimes related to soliciting minors.The law states that a person shall not use the internet or a computer to communicate with any person for the purpose of committing one of the specified crimes.

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