Pages not updating

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I just want to do a hard refresh and reload everything in Edge - what am I missing to achieve this?In the past we have shown you how to setup Feed Burner for your Word Press site.However, it also tells me that if I upgrade to i Cloud drive, I won't be able to access those files on my i Pad, i Phone, or Mac. I DID upgrade to i Cloud Drive on the i Pad and i Phone (but not the MBP, but for me right now that's fine). I can access files under the Numbers or Pages app, but NOT under the i Cloud Drive Icon (can see them, but get an error message). The upgrade on the website is the same upgrade you would do on your i OS device or MBP.

I have a change in a CSS file and a change in a Java Script file.

Some users suggested that this fixed the issue for them.

Since we already had this activated, it was not a solution for us.

If you followed our step by step guide to setting up Feed Burner, then you should already have Pingshot activated. Once you log into Feed Burner, select your feed and click on the publicize tab near the top of the dashboard.

In the left column you will now see a button for “Pingshot”. This will cause your feed to ping every time there is an update.

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